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wedding photography As a luxury boutique studio, Michelle Jonné Photography,  incorporates a variety of styles and techniques one of which is provocative thought and storytelling to create captivating art for our clients.  In today’s digital age its highly important to stress that we are “professional” photographers.  This means not only have we made a large investment in our business (and on a continuous basis) but we have extensive experience in our profession as we are required to shoot a all different “types” of jobs, subjects and locations on a regular basis.   The combination of our professional education, experience, equipment and innate eye allows us to shoot anywhere regardless of existing conditions and subject matter.  We pride ourselves on our ability to work thru the most elementary to challenging locations as we have a gift of vision, lighting and idea generation wherever our photography takes us!  More importantly, we approach our shoots both technically and creatively (for both the shooting and retouching process) to produce high quality imagery as our photographs become your lifetime memories.  Above all, we work from our heart and are true artists so it’s never another job but chance to be inspired by you.

Don’t let our serious expressions scare you!  We are very friendly and approachable treating our clients with kindness, care and meticulous attention.



Michelle Jonné is an international recognized photographer most notably known with the trend setting “Morning After” photography.  However, she’s a lot more then that as the Founder, Photographer, Creative Director & Retoucher of Michelle Jonné Photography.   She takes on a hands-on approach with her business to ensure the creative process and quality of work is consistently delivered to her clientele.  Although photography is her profession it personifies her art and obsession; so it’s safe to assume she not scared of getting dirty for a shot!  She is an absolute perfectionist and her biggest fear is to be complacent or average.  Most of all she’s in love with love and her babies, Teddy, Moiya, Bijou & Hope.



Shooting his first commissioned campaign at the tender age of 18, Manny become a professional photographer. Manny is a skilled tenured artist that thrives on executing visual expressions of beauty, power, passion and artistic fervor while also exceeding the creative expectations of all his clients.  His body of work features some of the industry’s top brands, publications and charities including: Tamrac, Dynalite, Rotolight, Ikon Jeans, Maxim, Kerrang, Mens Fitness, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, Max Mara and kids for cancer to name a few. His talents have stretched way beyond the viewfinder and onto the stage as Manny is a also a vocalist.  Most important, he is a master of light and not afraid to risk it all for a shot.  He speaks English, Spanish and Italian fluently, while also doing a million plus one voice overs.  Working with him is anything but boring!