WELCOME TO MICHELLE JONNE PHOTOGRAPHY! We are happy that you are showing some interest in our craft.

Michelle Jonné Photography is a luxury boutique studio whose commitment is to capture & create extraordinary imagery whether it’s for personal or commercial needs.  Our photographic journey lives and breathes thru our clients who allow us the opportunity to showcase our passion thru them. We urge you to explore our collections and contact us with any inquiries. We assure you, we can work on very limited resources, and could outsource if possible. We could transform a simple garage door into a proper Las Vegas garage door that you could be proud of – a contemporary style that would be an envy of the neighborhood.

True dedication to our clients and our craft comes when you hire Michelle Jonné Photography so give us the opportunity to chase your moment and create an everlasting impression of your event. We’ve been featured in Grace Ormonde, Manhattan Bride, Contemporary Bride, Rangefinder, SI (Italy), Digital Photographer & Professional Photographer Magazine among many more!

We do each and every type of digital services related to photography namely, portrait sessions, commercial projects or photo editing/retouching. We’ll even provide you freebies together with your package. What more is that we always give to you generous discounts and warranties. We are very customer-centric and only after the best customer experience for you.

We had already proven time and time again that we are your leading photography and digital service provider for all occasions. As proof of this are the unsolicited advice we get from our customers as they keep coming back to get our service for all their life events such as weddings, engagement, anniversary, birthdays, and debuts to name a few. We are also experts in providing you great photos for commercial purposes. Whether it is a portrait shot, a commercial, or even an advertisement for your products, we can handle it. We have great animators and videographers in the house which would further enhance whatever it is you are selling.

We are also open for company photoshoots and projects. Email us today, and let’s talk about your plans.

As proof of our hardwork, and the quality of work we provide, we have been time and time again invited to provide the needed digital service for celebrities, and politician events; We have been featured into numerous magazines, talk shows, and newspaper to talk about craft; And our name have been mentioned continuously when it comes to several events that made an impact in the society. That and more, only with Michelle Jonne Photography. You could browse our portfolio yourself to check out our accomplishments so far.

Do you have any upcoming events soon? Want to get a service that would never let you down and would provide you the best customer service you deserve? Then send us an email today to schedule an appointment. We’d be glad to accommodate your event any time, and anywhere. Send us an email today to get started.

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Media Features

Being in a business with many competition, it is by the quality of your work that you are recognized. By means of recognition, you are given the opportunity to snag a page on a magazine spread, or allowed a minute or so in front of a talk show or thereabouts.

With Michelle Jonne photography, we are never lacking when it comes to both. Whether it is for a feature that says something about the current wedding we serviced, or being interviewed about our current projects, time and time again we are invited to make an appearance. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without every man in the team doing the best that they can to build the company’s reputation.

Michelle Jonné is internationally known for trend setting the “Morning After Photography”.   Her love of “sexy” fashion campaigns (most notably the Armani Campaigns of Victoria & David Beckham) Michelle was inspired to bring intimate editorial photography to her couple clientele.  High end photography with an edge is not just reserved for your celebrities but accessible for everyday couples looking to celebrate their love at any stage of their partnership!  The Morning After has been featured in Print, TV & Online as it goes global and viral across the world:

  • Guest on Good Day New York, The Insider, Fox 5 News, Brazil Television.
  • Mentioned on Today with Kathy Lee & Hoda, Anderson LIVE Daytime Talk Show, NY Daily News, PhotoBrigade, The Knot, Glamour Online, NY Magazine, Cosmo, Business Insider, Huffington Post, UK Daily Mail, AOL, Yahoo, Perfect Wedding Guide Tristate Homepage with Wedding Planner Saundra Hadley, FStoppers, AliceInWeddingland, Loop 21, The Frisky, Jezebel Magazine, Marriage in the Bedroom, The Record, Le Matin, Livia de Vivo, Las Ultimas Noticias DNEVNIK, The Times of India and many more

For more info on how you can reach us, just send us an email at blog@michellejonne.com.

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